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Should I Buy My Wedding Dress On The Internet?

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In all reality the answer to this questions would really be "no".

You may have heard first hand, the horror stories about brides who have bought their dress online for £200 only to for it to arrive months before their wedding day only to find that it is the wrong colour, doesn't fit and even falls apart.

This might sound extreme, but unfortunately we can say that we have seen this so many times. Brides who have ordered their dream dress from the internet and then it arrives looking nothing like what they ordered. This can really cause issues when ordering a new gown in time.

In most cases you need at least 5-6 months to order you dress in time. This allows plenty of time for the dress to arrive and for any alterations that are needed prior to the wedding.

Although you might not think it, you can still get a beautiful gown for your special day without breaking the bank.

If you are a savvy bride then you will be willing to research when reputable stockists of the brands you like are holding sample sales. This means that you can effectively get your dress for up-to 40-60% off. The reason being, the dress is the sample that was used in the store and they are now bringing new samples in.

You might even find a dress from another brand that is very similar, but costs less. You can easily save hundreds of pounds doing this.

All we can say is be the savvy bride, do your research, buy from a stockist that is listed on the brands website and you can't go far wrong.

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